Breathable Casual Quick Dry Polo T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Manufacturing qualities and materials

The Breathable Casual Quick Dry Polo Short Sleeve T-shirt is produced by experts and features truly premium quality. Indeed, the fabric with which this T-shirt was produced contains materials such as: cotton, polyester and spandex. The union of its three components guarantees the originality and sustainable use of the T-shirt.

Presentation of the T-shirt

This T-shirt has a very nice shape. It has two short sleeves, a very flexible collar and two small buttons. The two short sleeves are both embroidered, which prevents them from stretching out after long wear. In addition, on the surface of this T-shirt, near the left sleeve, there is a small rectangular band with “Phwils” written on it. This logo helps to make the T-shirt more attractive and to prove its professional quality.

Benefits of use

Well, when you decide to use the Breathable Casual Quick Dry Polo Short Sleeve T-shirt, then be sure to be more comfortable and more comfortable now. You also had the option of choosing this T-shirt in nine different colors: blue, green, light blue, orange, rose pink, sky blue, true red, white and yellow. Finally, what is even more extraordinary is that this T-shirt is really durable. A long period of use is then guaranteed.


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