Breathable Quick Dry T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Top quality t-shirt

The Breathable Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-shirt has been designed by sartorial style experts. Thus, it was produced in a careful and very diligent manner. This T-shirt is non-elastic, simple, hard-wearing and very pleasing to the eye. All these beautiful characteristics that it has are possible thanks to the materials contained in its fabric.

Modern type t-shirt

Indeed, this T-shirt is very beautiful and contains two short sleeves. It is produced in nine different colors: blue, black, brown, green, grey, purple, true red, white and yellow. On the other hand, on its outer face, a beautiful design has been printed around which we notice small white stars and a crescent moon. In addition, under this design, there is also an expression written in which we notice the name of the factory “JALOFUN”, which emphasizes the quality of the T-shirt. With some exceptions, the white T-shirt has a design on which is implanted a writing painted in blue.

Benefits of using the T-shirt

Being an ideal quality T-shirt, its use allows you not only to give another image to your style, but also to be more casual and more familiarly comfortable. In addition, this T-shirt forces your loved ones to respect you, because your T-shirt will, according to them, come from a premium manufacturing plant.


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