Casual Quick Dry Polo T-Shirt Short Sleeve


First class workmanship

The Casual Quick Dry Polo Short Sleeve T-shirt is one of the best productions in the field of clothing style. Indeed, it is very attractive and has a shape that is really appreciated. On the other hand, it is produced in eight different colors. The fabric that made it possible to manufacture is of Premium quality, that is to say of high quality, because it is made of certain materials including cotton, polyester and spandex.

Presentation of the T-shirt

This T-shirt, being the product of the imaginations of an expert group, its beauty is visually striking. It has two short sleeves, three small buttons and a durable collar. In addition, on its surface there is a small logo tinted in black or light green above which is mentioned the name of the manufacturing plant “JALOFUN”. This logo is placed near the left sleeve to symbolize the authenticity and originality of the T-shirt.

Three advantages of use

The use of this T-shirt is highly recommended. First, you will be very comfortable, followed by a comfort that you have always dreamed of. Second, you can rest assured that you are using a high quality product which helps to ensure its durability. Third, it is a T-shirt that is not only easy to wash, but also dries very quickly after washing, saving you time. Very beautiful !


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