Drop Shoulder Design Hos Sweatshirts



The Drop Shoulder Design Hos Sweatshirts, as the name suggests, has an exceptional shape. With this model, the shoulders remain bare. Its fabric contains cotton and several other materials. It has long sleeves and is hoodless; but it has a pocket. The bottom of it is well embroidered, as well as its neck. This model has seven colors and is very flexible.

Unique properties

This Sweatshirt has a very simple shape and a little curved leaving the shoulders down. The cuffs are embroidered with elastic and stay a little more relaxed. In addition, thanks to the materials available in its fabric, you will be more comfortable against the skin. It’s slightly thick, which gives it an understandable weight. On the other hand, its pocket is shaped like a hexagon and is designed to help you carry small items.

Learn more about the Drop Shoulder Design Hos Sweatshirts

Indeed, any person can make use of this Sweatshirt. It is wrinkle-resistant thanks to the polyester contained in its fabric. Several sizes of this model are available, so that anyone who wants to use it, can enjoy it. From now on, be more relaxed in your skin, by making use of the Drop Shoulder Design Hos Sweatshirts.


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