Fashion Mirco Velvet Color Matching Sweater


Manufacturing quality

The Faschion Mirco Velvet Color Matching Sweater T-shirt is one of the productions made with care and rigor. Indeed, it was designed using an optimal quality fabric, which guarantees its immutability. On the other hand, this T-shirt is painted in such a way that, even after washing, it can still maintain its color without fading. Thanks to the polyester material contained in its fabric, it does not get stained or crumpled as quickly.

Special feature of the T-shirt

In addition, the flexibility and light weight of this T-shirt also allow it to adapt to your shape without any problem. Note also that the bottom and the edges of these pockets are well embroidered, which reinforces its authenticity. More extraordinary, this T-shirt adapts to your dress style and makes it more attractive.

General presentation of the T-shirt

This T-shirt is available in two colors: orange and white. Specifically, the T-shirt, whatever its color, has a hood, two long sleeves, a pocket and two small white ropes. The orange colored Faschion Mirco Velvet Color Matching Sweater T-shirt has a white tinted hood, while the white colored one has a midnight blue tinted hood. In addition, each sleeve has two double-colored spokes, which makes them more attractive and eye-catching.




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