Fashion Mirco Velvet Sweater


Authentic manufacturing

The Faschion Micro Velvet Sweater T-shirt is one of the expert quality productions. Its shape, color and fabric come together to create one of the best T-shirts in clothing style. Indeed, it is endowed with a personal and unique originality. Visually, his beauty amazes and attracts all who come into eye contact with him.

Benefits of use Using

This T-shirt is decided to be part of the modern world from now on. With this T-shirt you can fight in a way the climatic bad weather. On the other hand, you have a really long lasting use, because this T-shirt is of a really ideal quality. In addition, to make this T-shirt easier to wash, its fabric contains cotton, which is one of the most practical textile fibers.

General presentation of the T-shirt

Indeed, this T-shirt is really beautiful to see. Multi-colored, it has two long sleeves and a hood. The surface of this T-shirt is white, its hood is black. On the other hand, these sleeves have a mix of green, black and white colors with a slightly elastic border. In addition, its fabric contains nylon, cotton and polyester: these are the artificial materials that reinforce the authenticity of this T-shirt.



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