Ice Porcelain Cotton Tide Brand Middle Sleeve T-shirt


General presentation of the T-shirt

The Ice Porcelain Cotton Tide Brand Middle Sleeve T-shirt, is one of the most popular and has two short sleeves that cover your shoulders. Indeed, it has eleven different colors. On its surface it is written “Norient News”, an expression that describes the modernity of this model. On the other hand, this writing is in orange, except on the red T-shirt where it is mentioned in gray.

Special feature of this T-shirt

This T-shirt is produced by styling experts. So, by making use of it you are reassured that you are wearing a quality garment. Moreover, the materials that made it possible to produce its fabric are very special. So be sure that wearing this T-shirt will do you good and your style will be simple and appreciated by all. On the other hand, it has a small white-black stripe located on the inside of it below the upper part of the neckline.

The Benefits of Wearing the Ice Porcelain Cotton Tide Brand Middle Sleeve T-shirt

Well, this T-shirt will make it easier for you when washing it, because the surface is smooth. In addition, its flexibility and light weight, you will not be embarrassed when you decide to wear it. In general, the use of this T-shirt will be proof of your amateur style.


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