Anti-Wrinkle Breathable T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Anti-Wrinkle T-Shirt Short Sleeve

The fabric used is “wrinkle-free”. It is therefore not necessary to take out your iron or steam iron to iron it.You can immediately re-wear the t-shirt, as soon as it is dry. Anti-wrinkle t-shirt are compatible with office separates and ranges of loungewear, and they are as in lightweight forms as they are comfortable.

Less laundry care thanks to non-ironing fabric

Who has never dreamed of putting on a t-shirt without ironing it first? Ironing is usually a chore you’d rather do without. But what if wrinkle-free fabrics were the answer? Reduce your weekly ironing time by choosing an easy-care non-ironing shirt. Thanks to its many qualities, this t-shirt will solve many of your worries and is therefore to be preferred to leave your iron in the closet.

Breathable T-Shirt short sleeve

Do you want to buy T-shirts in bulk? Place your order today! The T-shirts feature a four-way stretch, breathable fabric that holds its shape for a smooth fit. The fabric material used is a great alternative to keep wrinkles at bay, especially when found in lightweight or sheer shapes. We offer a wide range of styles for high comfort without much effort.


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