Polyester Spandex 250gsm Hoodies Sweatshirts


Build quality:

Polyester Spandex Hoodies Sweatshirts has a very reassuring originality. Its fabric contains cotton, nylon and other elements, giving it really long-lasting resistance. It has two types of manufacturing: that of 250gsm and 280gSM. It is painted by experts, thanks to paints of high properties, which allows it not to rub off during washing, nor during drying.

Polyester Spandex 250gsm Hoodies Sweatshirts:

Polyester Spandex 250gsm Hoodies Sweatshirts consists of long sleeves, a hood, and a pocket. It has a beautiful, slightly multicolored color. It is thick, and the edges of its sleeves are well rounded. Its pocket has a light embroidery at the end, as well as its hood. For a higher appreciation, two strings are available at the neck of this Sweatshirt.

Polyester Spandex 280gsm Hoodies Sweatshirts:

Polyester Spandex 280gsm Hoodies Sweatshirts is made with thicker, more durable fabric and has no neck cord. It has a simple shape and its weight provides total comfort. Its surface is very smooth, which makes it easy to wash and dry. This Sweatshirt can be used to protect against light cold. It is sewn with a very strong black thread to prevent rapid tearing. Thus, a use is then recommended.



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