Quick Dry Anti-Pilling Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Composition of the T-shirt

The Quick Dry Anti-Pilling Short Sleeve T-shirt is a high quality production. It’s very simple, but has a truly superior originality. Indeed, the fabric with which it is produced is composed of cotton, polyester, nylon and a slight amount of spandex. All these components enhance its quality and makes it more suitable for whoever make use of it.

General presentation of the T-shirt

This T-shirt simply has two short sleeves. It is produced in nine colors including: blue, ash grey, black, green, grey, ice grey, pink, true red and white. On the other hand, on its surface, we notice a beautiful expression mentioned in red: “Peace and Love”. Also notice small heart bubbles on the writing, which makes the T-shirt more aesthetic.

Useful interest

The flexibility of this T-shirt makes it easier to hold and wear. The border of its collar is embroidered, which allows it even after washing not to be flexible and tight. In addition, when you use this T-shirt you are reassured not only of its durability, but also of being dressed responsibly. So, now make use of this T-shirt to make your dress style more attractive to everyone.


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