Sustainable Anti-Shrink T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Authentic manufacturing

The Sustainable Anti-Shrink Short Sleeve T-shirt is really optimal. Indeed, it has its own characteristics, which define its authenticity. This T-shirt is simple, light and flexible. On the other hand, with this T-shirt you had the possibility to choose from a production of various colors. You could have nineteen different colors of this T-shirt: blue, ash grey, black, ice blue, cardinal red, carolina blue, dark heather, green, grey, ice grey, island-green, light blue, light purple, orange, pink, purple, true red, white, and yellow.

Presentation of the T-shirt

Not only in a truly stunning shape, this T-shirt also features two short sleeves. The edges of these sleeves are all lightly embroidered, which keeps them intact even after a long period of use. In addition, the T-shirt contains a small red stripe on its surface on which is marked a Chinese writing painted in white. This band is near the left sleeve and has a rectangular shape.

T-shirt convenience

Indeed, using this T-shirt will make you feel more relaxed and very presentable. Thanks to its beauty, be now fans of the dress style. On the other hand, the different colors available on this T-shirt are all beautiful, which will allow you to be noticed by those around you every time you wear it. What could be more extraordinary!


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