Taped Neck Durability Shoulders T-Shirt Long Sleeve


The best long sleeve t-shirts with closed collar and durable shoulders:

Long-sleeve T-shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. Our closed neck designs combine quality and durability to last you for years to come. The round neck format makes the garment versatile. In other words, it can be combined with any type of clothing style.

Why choose from our models?

The models of long sleeve t-shirt with closed collar that we offer are the best on the market. They are the ideal companion to a blazer or jacket.
The design of our long sleeve t-shirts combines a variety of materials that offer resistance, warmth and optimal comfort.


How to find the perfect fit?

When it comes to long sleeve T-shirts, there is nothing better than a T-shirt made of 100% cotton jersey. This fabric is the most hygienic for the skin. That’s why all our models are made with it.
To find the ideal t-shirt, it is important to make sure that the seam between the shoulder and the sleeve falls at the acromion, more precisely between the shoulder and the armpit. Beyond this mark, the shirt is either too small or too big.
As for the length, make sure to choose a model that does not exceed the first third of your buttock.
Opt for our long sleeve t-shirts with closed collar for long lasting comfort!


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