Taped Neck And Shoulders T-Shirt Long Sleeve


Long sleeve T-shirt with ribbon collar and shoulders: the must have of the year!

The long sleeve T-shirt is perfect when it’s still too cold to wear short sleeves, and too warm to wear a sweater. However, it is to be differentiated from the usual undershirt. Nowadays, the long sleeve t-shirt is an integral part of a wardrobe.

How to wear the long sleeve t-shirt?

This outfit can be combined with all the elements of your closet. It can be worn with style for any occasion. In your daily routine, you can pair it with jeans or a cardigan. If you’re going to the office, just pair it with tailored pants.

Our chic essentials

We offer a variety of high quality long sleeve t-shirts in different colors and sizes. All of our styles can be paired with any pants of your choice, from jeans to cargo to classic styles.
The necklines and shoulders of our long sleeve t-shirts are ribboned to give greater comfort to the wearer. Indeed, it is a tape that reduces skin irritation when worn. It also allows identifying the level of cleanliness of the shirtand protects it from the ravages of time.
Wear our long sleeve t-shirts comfortably!


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