Anti-Pilling Breathable Plus Size T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Expert manufacturing type

The Anti-Pilling Breathable Plus Size Short Sleeve T-shirt, being a production from the “JALOFUN” factory, we first guarantee its optimum quality. It’s tough and adapts to your shape. In addition, it is sewn with a hard thread which prevents tearing over time. This T-shirt makes a difference thanks to its quality.

Presentation of the T-shirt

Beautiful, attractive, simple and resistant, this T-shirt is truly one of the best productions. Indeed, the T-shirt has short sleeves and was designed in nine different colors namely: blue, brown, dark chocolate, green, grey, light blue, light purple, sky blue and yellow. On the other hand, on its outside, is printed a beautiful image tinted in white. We also notice another beautiful expression tinted in green above the image. All of this engenders the unique and authentic nature of the T-shirt.

Three advantages of using the T-shirt

The use of the Anti-Pilling Breathable Plus Size Short Sleeve T-shirt allows you to enhance your style and be fashionable. Also, this T-shirt makes you feel good and comfortable. On another topic, it is not that expensive despite its quality and its immutability, so that everyone can get it. What could be more extraordinary !


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