Anti-Pilling Breathable T-Shirt Short Sleeve


Anti-pilling: The invisible resistance

A ‘pill’ , more commonly known as a lint ball, fuzz ball or bobble, is the term for loose balls or strands of fiber that form on the face of a piece of fabric.A pill makes fabrics look worn, due to abrasion on the surface. Because of their high resistance, anti-pilling fabrics are suitable for daily use. The anti-pilling short sleeve t-shirt is also ideal for almost all activities.

T-shirts look new for years

This everyday T-shirt resists pilling, and prevents the formation of pill on the garments. Therefore, they look like new for longer and show no signs of wear, which is often unavoidable with other fabrics. Anti-pilling short sleeve t-shirt combines quality and functionality, and will make you look good for a long time.

Breathable t-shirt Short Sleeve

Breathable t-shirts are made of small filaments which gives it a light-weight. For sporty people, breathable short sleeve t-shirts help them keep cool while sweating it out. Futhermore, breathable short sleeve can be very useful for people who work because the t-shirt is comfortable even when sweaty. Whether in crowded shopping malls or on a morning jog, you will not care about sweating.


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