Anti-Shrink Sustainable Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Quality manufacturing

The Sustainale Short Sleeve Anti-Shrink T-shirt, is designed by professional producers. It is a T-shirt whose fabric is made up of several elements: cotton, polyester, spandex and nylon. Indeed, this T-shirt is light and flexible, which makes it easier for you when you use it. The manufacture of this T-shirt is always supervised by the amateurs, in order to guarantee a quality production.

Presentation of the T-shirt

This T-shirt is really aesthetically produced and in ten different colors. It is simply made up of two short sleeves. But on its surface or outside, a drawing is made, reflecting the professionalism of the T-shirt. In addition, there is mentioned next to the picture a beautiful expression: “peace and love”.

Advantages of use

Using this T-shirt is no longer expecting certain problems from the production house. Indeed, with this T-shirt you will be more than reassured. After a quick wash, this T-shirt dries very quickly, saving you time. In addition, it is a T-shirt that does not lose its color even after a long period of use. With the Sustainale Short Sleeve Anti-Shrink T-shirt, you can already tell those around you who you are without speaking.


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